Driving organic traffic for a SaaS company can be challenging due to fierce competition. However, there are some companies that have mastered the strategy.

In this article, we delve into the remarkable SEO strategy created by SendGrid, resulting in an impressive 351,000 monthly website visits. Discover SendGrid’s secrets and gain valuable insights into their success.

Who are SendGrid?

SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that frees users from server maintenance by enabling email sending. It takes care of all technical aspects, such as scaling infrastructure, outreach, and real-time analytics.

SendGrid presents two primary offerings: email marketing and email API. Noteworthy features of their products include:

  • email automation
  • signup forms
  • email testing
  • email design
  • email templates
  • SMTP service
  • email validation
  • deliverability insights
  • dynamic templates
  • dmail infrastructure
  • 5-minute integration.

SendGrid’s ultimate objective is to empower users in delivering exceptional email experiences while ensuring reliability.

Exploring SendGrid’s SEO metrics

SendGrid’s performance is impressive, boasting a solid 2.3 million backlinks from 20,800 domains while actively targeting a whopping 88,500 keywords. The culmination of these efforts results in a remarkable 351,000 monthly visitors.

SendGrid organic data (Source: Ahrefs)

As shown in the graph below, SendGrid have had consistent and remarkable growth in organic traffic. Over the past five years alone, it’s witnessed an impressive surge of 71.4% in organic traffic, and this upward trend shows no signs of slowing down.

SendGrid organic traffic growth data (Source: Ahrefs)

It’s evident that SendGrid has an incredible SEO strategy in action to achieve such results. But, what’s the secret? Let’s dive in a little deeper to find out.

Brand marketing is crucial.

The significance of brand marketing cannot be overstated — it has the power to establish your dominance simply by ensuring people are familiar with your brand name. By cultivating brand awareness, you position your product or service at the forefront of consumers’ minds when they enter the market, giving you a considerable advantage.

When compared to competitors, SendGrid stands head and shoulders above the rest:

SendGrid competitor data (Source: Ahrefs)

SendGrid’s homepage is a powerhouse for generating traffic, accounting for 51.9% of their overall traffic. This is a textbook example of successful brand marketing. By captivating and engaging its target audience, SendGrid has established an online presence that attracts a significant portion of their audience directly to their homepage.

SendGrid top pages data (Source: Ahrefs)

Blog and resources

SendGrid’s homepage generates 55.9% of traffic, and blog posts and supporting content also play a significant role in attracting organic traffic. Creating compelling supporting content helps boost organic traffic and establishes a brand as a thought leader in the market.


One of SendGrid’s most popular current blogs is “What is an SMTP server?”. When we explore this piece further, you can easily see why.

SendGrid top-performing blog data (Source: Ahrefs)

This blog has 3,100 backlinks (7,500 all time) and 469 referring domains (870 all time). It is also targeting 2,100 keywords and driving 24,200 monthly visits to the website.

SendGrid top-performing blog keywords (Source: Ahrefs)

There is significant volume around SMTP phrases. SendGrid has recognised this and produced a comprehensive article that encompasses all these important phrases. The blog is expertly organised with effective H2 and H3’s, strategically incorporating keywords without overdoing it. It captivates readers with engaging content, effectively addressing their queries, and offering valuable insights.

This serves as a great demonstration of the power of incorporating keywords into high-quality, valuable content, which in turn generates an increase in organic traffic. Leveraging this traffic, SendGrid effectively strives to convert users by promoting its SMTP services, demonstrating its authority in the industry.

SendGrid blog homepage

SendGrid not only creates blogs specifically about their services, but also crafts impressive supporting content that relates to the services and products it offers. As shown above, the focus spans email marketing, social media, SEO tips, and more. All these efforts contribute to driving organic traffic to their website, effectively supporting their products and services.


SendGrid’s blogs are just the tip of the iceberg in its “resources” section. There is a wealth of additional content, both gated and ungated, that covers a wide range of topics. From insightful guides and free templates to engaging webinars, captivating success stories, informative videos, engaging podcasts, and in-depth case studies, SendGrid has it all.

This extensive collection of content enhances the brand’s success and plays a crucial role in its already proven and successful SEO strategy. By consistently providing valuable resources, SendGrid attracts and retains its audience while also improving its online visibility and search engine rankings.

Knowledge center

SendGrid’s dedicated support section (including its knowledge centre) helps to boost its SEO efforts. By providing comprehensive information and easy access to support, SendGrid ensures that users have a positive experience with itservices. This positively impacts the SEO efforts in several ways:

  1. Enhanced user experience: A well-structured support section with FAQs, learning articles, and system status updates improve user satisfaction. When users can easily find answers to their questions and navigate through the information they need, it increases engagement and encourages time spend on the website. This leads to lower bounce rates, longer session durations, and improved SEO performance.
  2. Increased authority: Search engines consider the quality and relevance of content when determining a website’s authority and ranking. SendGrid’s knowledge centre, filled with informative articles, establishes it as an authoritative source of information in the email delivery and marketing industry. When other websites link to their articles or reference their support section, it improves SendGrid’s backlink profile and boosts their overall SEO ranking.
  3. Long-term value and evergreen content: The knowledge centre and support section provide a platform for SendGrid to create evergreen content that remains relevant and valuable over time. Well-crafted articles and FAQs addressing common user queries become a valuable resource that exists for users searching for information about email delivery and marketing services. This establishes SendGrid as an authority in the industry and attracts organic traffic, positively impacting their SEO efforts in the long run.

Awareness of funnel stages

SendGrid’s website demonstrates a keen understanding of the different stages in the customer journey. A prime example of this is found on its “Why Sendgrid” page, which serves as a finely tuned landing page specifically designed to capture the attention of potential buyers who are on the brink of making a purchase.

With just a small amount of text, this website manages to establish authority and trust by prominently showcasing logos of its satisfied customers. This clever tactic instils confidence in potential buyers who are on the verge of making a purchase. As you scroll down, SendGrid strategically provides links to different sections of the website, enticing users to explore more about the solutions. This approach ensures users are constantly engaged and encouraged to delve deeper into what the website has to offer.

Having a solid grasp of the user journey and different stages of the sales funnel has of immense value when developing an SEO strategy. It allows you to tailor your site’s structure, user experience, and content to cater to a wide range of users. By thoroughly understanding your target audience and creating an experience that resonates with them, you significantly increase your chances of achieving success.

What SendGrid have achieved

SendGrid’s SEO strategy has achieved a remarkable milestone of 380,000 monthly visits. Their success comes from a variety of factors:

  • A robust and well-maintained website that captivates users and search engines alike.
  • Brand awareness and prominent online presence.
  • The ability to consistently deliver valuable and expert content.
  • Providing a tailored user experience, enhancing engagement and retention.
  • Commitment to establishing trustworthiness, building credibility and fostering long-term relationships.

Together, these elements forge the foundation of SendGrid’s victorious SEO approach, paving the way for their continued growth and success.

How SendGrid can reach the next level

Despite SendGrid’s successful SEO strategy, there is still untapped potential for growth and improvement. By enhancing positions for “STMP” keywords by just 10%, SendGrid could gain an impressive 19,507 additional sessions. Taking it a step further, a 70% improvement could result in a remarkable 50,258 extra sessions.

Similarly, for keywords related to “email server”, a 50% improvement could lead to 1,565 more sessions, and for “API” keywords, a 50% improvement could yield 13,094 additional sessions.

These statistics highlight the abundance of opportunity for SendGrid to further boost its SEO strategy and attract even higher levels of traffic. With the right steps, SendGrid can soar to new heights and capitalise on this untapped potential. If you’re looking for SEO strategy support, contact us today.