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It goes without saying that there is not a single digital market bigger than the one in China, and at, we can help your company flourish in the biggest digital economic powerhouse in the world.

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Getting to know Baidu

China is the biggest country in the world and is the most unique in terms of SEO. Baidu commands almost 80% of the search engine market share there, and with a country of 1.4 billion people, there is no bigger economy work within.

Here at, our team has years of experience of working with businesses that targets Baidu’s results pages, and have rolled out a plethora of successful strategies for the search engine.

Optimising for Baidu

Baidu has its own set of rules that sites must abide by to gain the necessary exposure. This includes requirements regarding metadata, URL architecture, mobile UX, and much more.

Offsite specialisation

We also ensure that offsite factors are covered too. Offsite is just as important, if not more, than onsite when it comes to Baidu and its users so at, we make sure every step is covered so that Chinese internationalisation is carried out in the most proficient, profitable manner.

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Client Reviews

  • Johnny Mobasher

    Martin is the most knowledgeable and industry trustworthy SEO expert that I have had the pleasure of working with, who ultimately and ‘single-handedly’ managed to remove our Google penalties inflicted by others, and got us back to the top of page one in Google. Highly Recommended.

  • John C

    Thoroughly knowledgeable agency for technical SEO. We worked well together and saw excellent results.

  • Danny L

    We first starting working with to help address some major infrastructure and technical SEO challenges we faced for us to be able stay competitive in our market sector online. Since the beginning of our working relationship, SALT identified key technical areas where we could utilise our strongest assets to help bolster ALL our company brands to compete strongly online. Amongst other great SEO recommendations from SALT along the journey, we are delighted to see our 12 – 18 months work pay-off, and moving forwards, we continue to work with as our company’s brands move from strength-to-strength online. If you want straight talking technical SEO expertise and consultancy to boost your company’s online presence, look no further!

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