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Tap into the largest search engine market in the world with elevated Baidu SEO services. China is the biggest digital economic powerhouse in the world, and the Baidu SEO experts of can help you navigate a strong road map to search engine success within the country.

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Why invest in Baidu SEO services?

China is the biggest market in the world, and its search engine Baidu commands more than 80% of the search engine market share. Because of its vastness, Baidu has varying guidelines and nuances to understand and navigate, which is why it’s important to seek help from Baidu experts.

As a Baidu SEO agency in the USA & UK, we have years of experience working with businesses targeting Baidu’s search results. We have rolled out many successful strategies that have made companies become leaders within the search engine.

Why choose our Baidu SEO company?

At, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach — that goes for both businesses and search engines.

We’re a leading Baidu SEO marketing agency that uses industry insights to build detailed strategies that prove promising to businesses targeting Baidu users.

Our extensive knowledge of technical SEO enables us to identify ways to optimise your site for the Chinese market. We uncover the details you need to apply the right changes so your website is guaranteed to earn a competitive place in the Baidu search result pages.

Bespoke Baidu SEO services

Each organisation is different, and we can cater to all. Whether you need just a few of our services or a 360-approach, our Baidu SEO services can steer your website to success.

SEO strategy

Whether you’re a business based in China or targeting the market from oversees, SEO strategy should steer every element of your online presence. SALT is home to an enthusiastic team of Baidu SEO experts who are well-versed in pulling and analysing digital data. That data is then used to identify gaps in your website and grasp what could be holding you back.

We don’t just stop there — we’ve got the tools and experience to make active changes. Our team will put everything we’ve got into structure a solid roadmap for your business so you can achieve the results you’re hoping for.

Performance analysis & reporting

We won't leave you to it once we’ve implanted our strategy plan. We’ll use our internal tools to monitor how things are performing. You’ll also receive regular reports to see how well your website is doing in the Baidu search results.

Baidu guidelines regularly change, and our Baidu SEO experts consistently look out for updates. We will identify how a change could impact your rankings and take the required steps to ensure your website doesn’t suffer.

Website auditing & analysis

It’s not just what’s on the page that matters. Our Baidu SEO services involve diving deep into the details, assessing every element of your website to understand what could be holding you back.

Our expansive knowledge of technical SEO knowledge enables us to identify everything from errors withing your XML sitemap to indexability issues.

We’ll then come to you with actionable solutions and take care of what’s needed. Whatever the issue, can give you the support you need to elevate your website.

Content marketing

Your website content is what your users are looking for. If there isn’t enough on the site or it’s not optimised for Baidu, your target audience may never even find your services.

Our team of content consultants create engaging and authoritative content that represents your brand and promotes what you have to offer. It will then be perfectly translated into Chinese to serve your target audience, using exemplary translation tools.

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Client Reviews

  • Johnny Mobasher

    Martin is the most knowledgeable and industry trustworthy SEO expert that I have had the pleasure of working with, who ultimately and ‘single-handedly’ managed to remove our Google penalties inflicted by others, and got us back to the top of page one in Google. Highly Recommended.

  • John C

    Thoroughly knowledgeable agency for technical SEO. We worked well together and saw excellent results.

  • Danny L

    We first starting working with to help address some major infrastructure and technical SEO challenges we faced for us to be able stay competitive in our market sector online. Since the beginning of our working relationship, SALT identified key technical areas where we could utilise our strongest assets to help bolster ALL our company brands to compete strongly online. Amongst other great SEO recommendations from SALT along the journey, we are delighted to see our 12 – 18 months work pay-off, and moving forwards, we continue to work with as our company’s brands move from strength-to-strength online. If you want straight talking technical SEO expertise and consultancy to boost your company’s online presence, look no further!

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