is proud to announce that it has joined up with Dr. Z. Cliffe Schreuders and his team at Leeds Beckett University on a research project that seeks to create a cyber security certification standard for websites, networks, and infrastructures.

In 2016 it was estimated by the Government that two thirds of large businesses in the UK were hit with a cyber breach or attack, with damages totaling no less than £34 billion.

The project, which will be funded by, and overseen by directors Reza Moaiandin and John Ward, will investigate and analyse website security certificates.

This will lead to a best-in-class auditing tool that will assess the security credibility of some of the world’s most complex websites.

From there the tool will advise on improvements as well as updates as required by its findings.

Websites that complete the necessary tasks will earn the prestigious Certificate of Excellence.

Speaking about the collaboration, Reza Moaiandin said:

This is an exciting project for both and Leeds Beckett University in what will help us push global security standards forward and in return, significantly improve websites, networks and infrastructure on a global basis.

Through this, we will potentially be able to save companies and organisations from large-scale attacks at the hands of hackers.

Dr Schreuders, Director of the Cybercrime and Security Innovation Centre at Leeds Beckett said:

This collaboration will analyse existing approaches to security audit and will design a new approach that leverages state of the art technology to provide a comprehensive automation framework for security auditing.

We look forward to this new partnership, and working on knowledge exchange, with an aim to significantly impact and their clients, while producing new knowledge that will benefit the security community.

The Cybercrime and Security Innovation Centre at Leeds Beckett University has a portfolio of research projects, leading £1.5million in recent research funding, including policing cybercrime, digital forensics, computer security education, and knowledge transfer partnerships