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  • How secure are public wifi networks really?

    It is midday on a Tuesday and I am sat sipping a latte in my work clothes, with my MacBook on the table in front of me. I’m working from a coffee shop located in the centre of Leeds, which is surrounded by busy offices filled with solicitors, bankers, ecommerce companies and public sector organisations. […]

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  • How your body can transmit your passwords

    A collective of engineers at the University of Washington’s Networks and Mobile Systems Lab have discovered a way to pass a four-digit code through human skin using everyday technology, lending itself to exciting concepts such as unlocking a door or a safe just by touching it. Sure, this could be achieved with a fingerprint sensor […]

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  • Spotify serves music with a side order of malware

    Spotify has become the latest tech giant to succumb to security issues as it was discovered that the free version of its service had been directing PC and Mac users towards websites filled with malware. Although Spotify has since fixed the problem, a number of users from its community forum were reporting that virus-infected pop-up websites […]

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