Don't lose your existing website traffic, sales and revenue from organic search due to a poor website migration.

Are you building, planning, or even thinking about a new website? Maybe you’ve already launched a new website?

Changing your website like this will impact your organic rankings and traffic you receive from organic search, if specific SEO best practice is not adhered to.

What do we mean?

In a nutshell, organic search isn’t something which just ‘looks after itself’ and unfortunately people tend to find this out the hard way. At we’re often brought in to fix new websites that haven’t been built to be SEO friendly, or haven’t had the proper technical migration from an organic search engine optimisation perspective.

This ultimately means that we’re tasked to audit, analyse, and project manage fixes to the websites to bring back the lost traffic.

Prevention is better that the cure

The sooner that you get an SEO consultant involved the better when it comes to de-risking your new website. We’ve been technical SEO consultants for years, and can offer the expert consultancy advice which can save you from wasting your time and money by making sure things are done properly in the first place.

What’s the point of having a website if no one can find you?

What do technical SEO website migrations cover?

This differs from project to project, but overall they include ensuring that every reasonable step is taken to eliminate the risk of losing traffic from organic search.

  • Technical SEO audit of the new website
  • Organic keyword ranking checks before and after migration
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Tools configuration
  • Project management
  • URL structure analysis and management (if necessary)

A new website should, in the vast majority of cases, mean an uplift in organic search traffic, if done to SEO best practice.

It is also a good idea that the SEO migration is carried out by an independent stakeholder of the development.

Our experience over the years suggests design & development agencies simply don’t have the necessary specialist knowledge and skills to complete a risk-free SEO migration and at least maintain, if not grow, your organic traffic.

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