Demandware is an excellent modern ecommerce platform, especially for large brands with international SEO campaigns.

Founded by Stephan Schambach in 2004, Demandware is an excellent platform for organic search visibility when developed and optimised correctly, and it is especially popular with big brands looking for an international ecommerce platform.

What is SEO for Demandware?

Ultimately, the principles of SEO stay the same regardless of the type of project or platform on which the website presides. However, having existing experience of a platform can be very beneficial, as we know what to look out for in regards to technical SEO issues, even before we start the analysis.

Like many platforms, Demandware relies on customised development onto the core platform framework, and this means mistakes are often made, and other things are missed. The reason for this is that sadly, a developer’s priorities are (in the majority of instances), not the same as SEO.

An SEO consultant, as a marketing stakeholder, is responsible for generating traffic, sales and revenue. A developer’s responsibility on the other hand is to get the build completed in the fastest possible time. This means that without engaging in SEO, opportunities are lost through technical mistakes onsite.

International & multilingual technical optimisation on Demandware

One of the main reasons why the platform is so popular with large multinational retailers is because it can bring together the international website offerings into one common location on the cloud.

This is the secret to a holistic integrated, international SEO campaign, as without knowing the exact alternative content for other languages and regions, it is impossible to implement HREFLANG correctly.

Demandware generally shares many of the same SEO issues as other ecommerce platforms, however they can all be overcome with knowledge, experience and time.

How SALT can help

If you’re looking to optimise your Demandware platform, SALT specialises in working with companiesĀ on Demandware, so get in touch today to discuss how we can help you and your website.

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