• 10 examples of websites using Nuxt.js: Benefits and common issues

    In the ever-evolving world of web development, frameworks and technologies constantly emerge to streamline the development process and enhance user experience.  One of the frameworks that have gained significant popularity is Nuxt.js, built upon Vue.js. The top six countries that use Nuxt.js include the US, Japan, Russia, Germany, the UK, and China, with the number […]

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  • Beyond the Rainbow: What Search Trends Tell us About Pride

    As the world continues evolving, so does how we seek and consume information. Search engines have become our go-to exploration, knowledge, and discovery tools.  In an era where inclusivity and acceptance are gaining momentum, it comes as no surprise that searches related to Pride have become increasingly prevalent. Beyond the vibrant parades and rainbow flags, […]

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  • Eurovision 2023: Tops and Bottoms

    The data & PR team at has delved into 2023’s online Eurovision data to predict this year’s winners. Using search volume, publicity, and social media noise, we have predicted the winners of the UK’s second-biggest event this month. Overall 2023 winner prediction Using a complex data methodology, we have accumulated all the data and […]

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