In the ever-evolving travel industry, understanding and harnessing the power of trends data is not just an advantage — it’s a necessity.

As destinations rise and fall in popularity, the ability to predict and prepare for these shifts makes the difference between capturing an audience and missing the mark.

At SALT, we recognise the critical role of timely and targeted content creation.

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to transforming extensive travel keyword data into actionable insights.

Our downloadable content calendar is more than just a tool — it’s your roadmap to effective content research, planning, and production in the travel sector.

Our calendar offers a panoramic view of when specific destinations are trending, all derived from an exhaustive database of travel-related keywords.

  • Peak Search Insights – Discover exactly when interest in countries and major cities peaks, with users actively looking for travel information. With this knowledge, you can align your content with the rhythms of traveller curiosity.
  • Content Creation Timelines – Our calendar doesn’t just tell you when a destination is hot — it advises on the optimal moments to begin crafting and planting your content seeds. This ensures your articles, blogs, and guides are published in time for when your passive audience becomes active.
  • Strategic Resource Allocation – By knowing when to double down on particular destinations, you can efficiently focus your efforts and resources, ensuring they yield the highest return.

With SALT’s travel content calendar, you’re not just following the trends but staying ahead of them. Whether you’re a travel blogger, a content strategist, or a digital marketing wizard, our insights empower you to captivate your audience at precisely the right moment.

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