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Take your travel brand to new heights with the soaring expertise of Our talented team of SEO and content consultants boast a wealth of experience working with reputable airlines, OTAs, and specialist travel websites.

Discover new horizons and uncover fresh opportunities for your online strategy with our robust travel SEO services.

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Why choose us as your travel SEO agency?

We understand the challenges travel companies experience when promoting their services online.

From making your brand heard above the noise of competitors to figuring out a robust travel SEO strategy for your website, we can help you take the digital travel world by storm.

Our travel SEO services involve strategic, continuous activities to increase organic traffic, driving an increase in revenue.

Depending on your goals, our team of travel SEO consultants can help travel brands like your own by:

  • conducting technical audits of your site and working with developers to take your website to a point of excellence
  • identifying key areas to develop, such as mapping URL structures, creating new content, and refreshing existing pages to a high-performing level
  • optimising pages of your website in a way that satisfies users at every stage of the user journey
  • tracking performance through reporting dashboards to monitor success.

Choose an agency with proven travel SEO services

The travel sector is an expansive and competitive industry. Brands must compete with others in the market while meeting the complex conditions of search engines like Google to reach their audience. To navigate the online travel market, seeking help from a reputable travel SEO agency is imperative.

Our team of travel SEO consultants and creative content experts are well-versed in the nuances of the travel and tourism sector. Our experience and knowledge of online monitoring means we understand user behaviour patterns, which enables us to develop strategic SEO campaigns that generate traffic and rankings.

We also know the importance of pushing campaigns to users when they’re actively searching. Using tools to see what your audiences searches for and when, we give concrete guidance on when it’s time to act.

Looking for new customers or need to give more to those you already have? Our team of content travel consultants identifies what makes your brand unique and puts that into words in a way that draws in and engages users. We’ll create copy for each user journey stage, from creative landing pages and blogs to informational content that gives them exactly what they need.

Unparalleled travel SEO services

Bringing in a reputable travel SEO agency makes it possible for your digital campaigns to reach their intended destination. Your audience may never find you online without quality and engaging content or a perfectly executed SEO strategy.’s skilled travel SEO consultants and content specialists know what does and doesn’t work for travel campaigns. We use strategic thinking and quantifiable data to identify what is missing from your campaigns and work creatively to implement fresh tactics.

Whether you handle airlines, holiday packages, experience days, or car hire, we have both the experience and knowledge to expand your online presence.

Our Travel SEO Services

We’re a well-rounded travel SEO agency that delivers results for every aspect of your travel SEO and content strategy.

SEO Strategy

When it comes to online marketing, SEO strategy should drive everything you do. At, we have an experienced team of travel SEO consultants who use data and precision to plan what your website needs to achieve organic search success.

We can also identify what you are already doing well and where improvements can be made. Tracking performance across your site, we apply our knowledge to deliver expert advice in a way that’s easy to understand.

Competitor Analysis

It’s important to understand how competitors work. We’ll weigh your online competitors' identities and assess their ongoing activities and competitive advantages. Staying in the know of what others in the industry means we identify how your brand can step up and close lucrative gaps.

You might find your competitors do something that could benefit your brand. If so, we won’t just “do what everyone else does”. We’ll take it as inspiration and help you create a campaign unique to your travel brand, ensuring you always stand out for doing something different.

Technical Auditing

Our travel SEO agency is home to a range of area experts, including technical SEO specialists. These people dive deep into the nuts and bolts of your site to see what could be pulling you down in the SERP.

Whether you’re experiencing indexability issues or problems with your XML sitemap, our technical travel SEO experts can find the problem and guarantee a solution. Get the support you need from to get your travel website back on track.

Trend Analysis

Keeping up with industry trends is what helps you stay ahead. It’s easy to go for the obvious trend patterns and assuming seasonality, but what does the data actually tell us your audience is looking for?

The travel SEO consultants of can identify what’s trending in your industry. From finding out what type of travel users are interested in to discovering when they starts searching, we apply industry knowledge with robust tools to advise the best course of action for your travel brand.

Travel Writing & Content Consultancy

Content for travel websites varies from other sectors. As well as being optimised for SEO and satisfying the user intent, it needs to be engaging and captivate the user.

By using the established brand tone of voice, we help create great content for commercial pages and supporting content areas that builds trust, and establishes your brand as travel experts.

Data-led Digital PR

A creative campaign could be just what your travel brand needs to immerse new users. But how do you know what type of campaigns are successful?

Our data-led digital PR services are headed by some of the best in the industry. We blend hard stats with creative enthusiasm to plan and outreach the best campaigns for your brand. 

Our connections within the industry means we can help put your brand back on the map, showcasing your bespoke offering in an engaging way.

Client Reviews

  • Jake

    The team at were great to work with. I had a project in rebuilding a brand after a relatively damaging corporate crisis. Dan and the team were fantastic resources in their SEO expertise in building a strategy as well as the technical details related to migration to a new website as part of a larger branding effort. I cannot recommend this team highly enough!

  • Anonymous

    We chose to work with SALT to enable a smooth international website migration. With the goal in mind to mitigate ranking and organic search traffic loss, the team at SALT carefully walked us through how to implement the necessary setup and monitored our performance throughout the process. The results were great and now we’re in a strong position to move into new markets and excel in our search goals!

  • Anonymous

    SALT has been a great agency to work with for our SEO efforts. They’ve been very helpful in ensuring we increase our efforts, find the best opportunities, and optimise our website and content in the most efficient manner. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an agency that will always have your back and help you towards your growth goals.

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Common SEO Travel Services FAQs

  1. Why invest in travel SEO services?

    Investing in travel SEO services from a reputable travel SEO agency puts you ahead of the competition in search engines. We’ll use our online knowledge to help structure your site in a way that’s easy to navigate, making sure you’re serving the user in an elevated way. This inevitably increases conversions and revenue.

    More users will know who you are and what you do and will better understand how you can help them with their needs. Whether it’s finding family holiday packages, scoping out the best hostels for gap year backpacking, or booking flights, each user is looking for something specific.

  2. What travel sectors does SALT work in?

    SALT is an experienced travel SEO agency with a long history within the industry. Members of our team have worked in all areas of the travel section, including luxury travel, experience tourism, hotels and hospitality, car hire, and airlines. Our services span both B2B and B2C services, including the vast eCommerce domain. 

    Our experience with travel management goes beyond bookings – we get into the details of what users need to know. From finding their next destination to figuring out how and when to get there, we use tools to find what users are looking for and update your strategy to fill any potential gaps. 

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