Want to know why your competitors are ranking and you're not?
One of the questions we get asked the most is: “Why are they outranking us in organic search?”. It’s probably a question that you’ve been asking yourself, but never been able to work out just why.

We can help

Whether you want to know more about your competitors, or more about yourself, we conduct in-depth audits to answer any question you may have regarding search engine performance, and the commercial viability of a campaign for your website or business.

Know thy enemy

Sun Tzu – The art of war

Understanding your competitors is critical. We can tell you:

  • Who your online competitors are
  • What your competitors marketing strategies are
  • How they are ranking in search engines
  • What keywords they target and where they rank
  • How your competitors are generating back links
  • How your competitors engage in social media
  • What content they are producing for SEO and social media purposes
  • The likely amount they are investing in SEO
  • …and much more

And just as important

Know thy self

Sun Tzu – The art of war

What you need to do to compete is also key. We can tell you:

  • The keywords people search for which relate to your business
  • What link building strategies you should undertake
  • What new products or services you should manufacture/sell/offer
  • If SEO is a viable marketing strategy for your business
  • What content gaps your website suffers from
  • How much an SEO campaign could cost
  • How long it will take to receive results and the likely ROI on those results
  • …and much more
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