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Unlocking the potential of financial SEO services

At SALT, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to tailoring campaigns specifically for clients in the financial services sector. Our process begins with a deep dive into understanding your brand’s core values, goals, and the specific challenges you face in the financial landscape. By getting to the heart of what makes your brand unique, we can uncover potential in areas that may have been overlooked.

We believe that every financial services client has untapped opportunities waiting to be discovered. Our team explores your brand and market to identify these opportunities, using them as a foundation for our campaigns. This exploration allows us to craft strategies that are not only innovative but also perfectly aligned with your objectives.

Our campaigns are designed to resonate with your target audience, ensuring that we highlight your brand’s expertise and authority in finance. SALT. can help your financial services brand stand out in a crowded market, driving growth and establishing a solid online presence with clear, engaging, and impactful messaging.

Why invest in a leading SEO company for financial businesses?

The finance industry is evolving rapidly, driven by constant technological advances, leading to fierce competition in organic search rankings. This competitive environment underscores the importance of SEO as a critical component in the growth strategies for both B2B and B2C brands within the finance sector. Achieving prominence in search engine results pages (SERPs) is crucial for standing out in a crowded market and attracting valuable leads.

At, we specialise in propelling finance sector clients to the forefront of SERPs through tailored, strategic SEO support. We work with various clients, from insurance companies and banks to investment brokers and other financial institutions, seeking to improve online visibility, increase web traffic, and drive revenue growth.

Investing in SEO for financial companies translates into measurable outcomes and significant returns on investment (ROI). As a leading financial services SEO agency, we don't just aim to improve rankings — our goal is to build trust and credibility for our clients, aligning SEO efforts with their broader business objectives.

This commitment to delivering tangible results and our expertise in navigating the complexities of the finance sector make the preferred SEO partner for financial firms aiming for sustainable success.

Our approach ensures that your financial services are visible, trusted and valued in a competitive marketplace, reinforcing your position as a leader in the industry.

Our financial SEO Services

We employ a range of services and expertise to help our finance SEO clients achieve market dominance in organic search.

Technical SEO

We specialise in technical SEO services tailored for the finance sector, understanding that more than a one-size-fits-all approach is needed. We leverage our deep technical expertise and cutting-edge solutions to significantly improve your website's visibility in organic search.

We go beyond standard practices, aligning our strategies with your unique platform, CMS, and business goals to drive substantial commercial value, lead generation, and ROI.

By partnering closely with your brand, we stay attuned to shifts in your marketing calendar and business landscape, enabling us to spot opportunities and mitigate threats to your organic search performance. Our commitment is to work as an extension of your team, ensuring your financial services company achieves and maintains a leading edge in a competitive space.

Competitor Analysis

Our team performs a PESTEL analysis to highlight all the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors impacting your business performance. We then incorporate the knowledge we gained when modelling your SEO strategy.

Given the industry's high stakes in credibility and consumer trust, reputation and trust signals are paramount for brands in the finance sector. To ensure our clients stand out, we thoroughly analyse their competitors.

Our team studies competitors' off-site and on-site technical website components, content, and signal-building marketing activities. We then use this information to our client's advantage and incorporate their successful practices into the SEO strategy.

SEO trend analysis

For finance companies, staying ahead of the latest SEO trends is crucial due to the industry's dynamic nature, where authority and expertise are key differentiators. Institutions and companies in finance must continuously stay current with the latest innovations, trends, and data management solutions.

With the potential for exponential growth, companies must keep track of the ever-changing market and user search trends. Our team continuously analyses the sector's SEO trends and optimises your website accordingly.

Website migrations

Managing financial operations and dealing with customer assets requires a secure and seamlessly functioning website. Therefore, SEO surveillance and assistance are especially important during platform migrations, website redesigns, or server migrations.

Our experienced technical SEO team supports your website before, during, and post-migration to ensure traffic and revenue are recovered. All financial data remains highly secure, and your website maintains all SEO value, from accessibility and rankings to traffic.

Content marketing

Using advanced research and analytics, our team thoroughly audits existing content, laying the groundwork for a finance-focused content strategy. This strategy can include everything from on-site content, including detailed financial product or service descriptions, engaging calls to action, and authoritative financial articles, to off-site elements like infographics and e-books, all crafted with targeted keywords to improve visibility.

We strategically target broad audiences and niche segments, utilising long-tail keywords to position your finance offerings to diverse groups, from start-ups and millennials to luxury multinational corporations and local businesses. Our goal is to ensure your content marketing resonates with and reaches the exact audience you aim to serve.

Data-led PR services

We specialise in using data-driven digital PR to help financial businesses stand out. Our approach is simple yet effective — we dig into the data to find unique stories that highlight your brand's strengths and position you as a leader in the finance industry. We understand it's not just about links — it’s about building genuine connections with your audience and boosting your online presence.

Our team crafts digital PR campaigns tailored for financial companies, focusing on creating content that sticks. From engaging articles to impactful stories, we aim to get your message across to the right people at the right time. This approach helps increase your visibility, establish your authority in finance, and build trust with potential customers.

Client Reviews

  • Jake

    The team at were great to work with. I had a project in rebuilding a brand after a relatively damaging corporate crisis. Dan and the team were fantastic resources in their SEO expertise in building a strategy as well as the technical details related to migration to a new website as part of a larger branding effort. I cannot recommend this team highly enough!

  • Anonymous

    We chose to work with SALT to enable a smooth international website migration. With the goal in mind to mitigate ranking and organic search traffic loss, the team at SALT carefully walked us through how to implement the necessary setup and monitored our performance throughout the process. The results were great and now we’re in a strong position to move into new markets and excel in our search goals!

  • Anonymous

    SALT has been a great agency to work with for our SEO efforts. They’ve been very helpful in ensuring we increase our efforts, find the best opportunities, and optimise our website and content in the most efficient manner. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an agency that will always have your back and help you towards your growth goals.

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Common Financial SEO Services FAQs

  1. Who does SALT's financial SEO services cater to?

    Our financial SEO services are designed to cater to diverse clients within the finance sector. Whether you're a retail or commercial bank, a brokerage firm, an independent financial (IF) advisor, a pension fund (PF), an investment company (IC), or a credit union, our expertise is tailored to meet your unique needs. 

    We understand the distinct challenges and opportunities each financial entity faces, and our approach is to craft bespoke SEO strategies that improve your online visibility and drive meaningful engagement.

    By partnering with us as your SEO agency for financial services, you benefit from SEO solutions that align with your objectives, helping you stand out in a competitive market. Our commitment is to ensure your financial services are easily discoverable by your target audience, reinforcing your brand's authority and trust in the financial community.

  2. Why makes financial SEO services different?

    Financial SEO services stand apart due to the unique challenges and high stakes involved in the Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) category, which includes financial advice, investments, and any content that can directly impact users' financial decisions or well-being.

    Given the potential implications of YMYL content, search engines hold these websites to the highest accuracy, authority, and trustworthiness standards. Therefore, SEO campaigns within the financial sector require a disciplined approach, strictly adhering to SEO best practices. This includes ensuring content is informative and backed by expert knowledge and verifiable facts.

    The integrity of financial information is crucial, as inaccuracies can have significant repercussions for individuals' financial health. As a result, financial SEO services must precisely navigate these stringent guidelines, ensuring that campaigns aim to improve rankings and visibility and uphold the utmost credibility and reliability, making them distinctively challenging yet vitally important.

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