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A luxury retail brand approached in 2015 after it continued to struggle to improve its organic search traffic after lifting multiple manual and algorithmic penalties. The client’s business was suffering and losing thousands, both in the UK and in international markets.

The business was looking for an SEO agency for a new approach and fresh ideas to help improve its organic search performance.


Our team immediately began to conduct in-depth content, technical and link audits to identify impactful opportunities to improve the client’s website. also performed comprehensive keyword research to assist in identifying content gaps which were missing from the website.

From our in-depth audits, the team recommended a number of actions, and helped the client implement recommendations, such as:

  • Disavow toxic backlinks.
  • Remove, improve or noindex low quality content on the website.
  • Full content strategy & rewrite of old content.
  • New international website strategy from scratch.
  • Full multi-domain website migration.


United Kingdom

Figure 1 –UK Organic traffic based on SEMrush
Figure 1 – UK Organic traffic based on SEMrush

After four months of initial data-led research, and auditing (technical SEO, content and links), a holistic performance focused plan was launched to produce a new international website to a strict technical SEO best practice design, architecture and CRO strategy. During the design and build of the new website, newly optimised content was produced and integrated with the new website, based on the initial research at the beginning of the project.

The first significant results were seen in five months with technical SEO and existing content improvements were implemented the existing website, and after 12 months the first new ‘best in class’ (internationally ready) optimised website was launched. Since then the client has seen continuous increases in organic traffic from all major search engines; producing significantly more commercial leads.

The average monthly estimated visit increased from an average of 750 visits to 8,300 today. An increase of just over 1000% in two years.

United States

Figure 2 - US Organic traffic based on SEMrush
Figure 2 – US Organic traffic based on SEMrush

Following the same UK strategy, the US and Irish websites were rolled out and these also had a strong continuous increase in relevant commercial traffic and leads.

The average monthly estimated visit increased from average 350 visits to 4,800 today over 2 years. An increase of just over 1250% in estimated organic traffic.