At the start of 2021, Bikmo, a cycling insurance company, appointed to support their international migration. Bikmo offers comprehensive insurance for a variety of cycling disciplines, such as road cycling, mountain biking, and triathlon. Bikmo’s cycling insurance covers the riders cycling equipment and clothing/headgear in the case of theft or damage, as well as medical expenses should the rider be involved in an accident. was appointed to consult and support Bikmo with their international migration. By consolidating four separate websites into a single .com domain, using ccTLDs and an international subfolder structure would allow for easier content management, easier site management, and a strong foundation for future international expansions

Bikmo wanted to move away from having four websites on separate domains for the UK, Ireland, Austria and Germany. They instead wanted to use one domain with sub-folders for each country to create a strong foundation for further international expansion in the future.

"We needed international SEO experts and we found them at SALT. Consolidating multiple domains into a single international website seemed a daunting and delicate process; one we were nervous to tackle without help from an agency who'd done it successfully time and time again.

The team at SALT managed us through the process, providing above-and-beyond service to make sure we came out the other end of the migration stronger than before. The results speak for themselves - stronger international search presence and a setup we can take forward in launching into new overseas markets.

An organised and incredibly knowledgeable group of SEO professionals that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

– Angus King, Global Head of Marketing, Bikmo


  • Site architecture mapping
  • Migration support and risk mitigation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Hreflang mapping and validating


  • 100% increase in organic traffic after international site consolidation

Achievements worked alongside Bikmo’s internal marketing team to guide them through the migration process. This initially consisted of site wide architecture consultancy, followed by redirect mapping support and testing, a high level pre-migration technical audit with insights/recommendations, consultancy on best practices for tracking the website, and performance reporting. After the migration, completed a thorough post migration audit to ensure the switch in architecture had gone as smoothly as possible.

The international cycling insurance company successfully migrated and consolidated the four WordPress sites into one TLD with little down time, resulting in an initial 100% increase in organic traffic. With the help of, this migration has enabled Bikmo to achieve Year on Year organic growth and a strong basis for further international expansion.