Thus far, 2020 has been one of the most disruptive and challenging years that the travel industry has had to face.

The future, and how markets will adapt and evolve, isn’t yet abundantly clear, but there are steps you can be taking now as a travel brand online to ensure you have visibility and positioning (within organic search results) for relevant keywords, so that when restrictions do lift your website is visible and driving traffic.

During this private roundtable, the team will go through a data-driven process and methodology on how you can perform this analysis yourself, identify both the current threats and opportunities to your visibility, and begin to address them.

During the roundtable we will cover:

  • How to perform a lightweight query GAP analysis using Google Search Console and Google Sheets (template provided)
  • Using keyword ranking data as part of the mix
  • Estimating and forecasting traffic potential based on position and search volume
  • Measuring optimization impact during low traffic periods (showing return on effort)


Roundtable Information

  • Time & Date: July 26th at 10am
  • Where: via a private Zoom link

The roundtable will be hosted and presented by:

  • Callum Corrigan, Account Strategy Director
  • Dan Taylor, Head of Research & Development

Roundtable Registration (Now Closed)

Please complete the form below to register your interest in attending the private roundtable. Places are limited to 50, and we will be confirming places a week before the event.

Please do not use free emails, such as Gmails, for the registration.

Registration has now closed. We have sent links and calendar invites to those who have registered – please confirm by close of play on Monday, June 22nd, as we will then start to allocate spaces to those on the waiting list.