Brief was approached by the market leader for trading cards in the US, TCGplayer, to help improve its organic visibility and to troubleshoot performance issues relating to indexing stability and performance.

The team supported both the marketplace and content teams, developing strategies and tactics across the TCGplayer ecosystem, consulting on initiatives that ultimately support the growth of product performance. supported the growth of the products and categories of the website, optimizing for high-value products, SERP features, as well as for targeted informational content-focused queries.


Our team identified and offered solutions to known recurring issues with search engines struggling to crawl and render the website, improving the visibility of product pages and enriching them with further information, helping ranking performance for non-branded keywords. also conducted Core Web Vital analysis and consulted in and monitored the launching of new templates that help structure crawl paths for search engines. Delivering analysis and reporting to C-suite directly

  • Supporting product initiatives from an SEO perspective
  • Supporting internal content teams on strategies for product lines
  • Providing search data-led analysis of new market opportunities and expansion product lines.
  • Indexing stability and improved rankings for key product lines through on-page and value add tactics.


  • Comprehensive technical auditing and consultancy
  • JavaScript troubleshooting and optimization
  • Consultancy on creating additional product page Value Propositions
  • C-suite direct reporting
  • Core Web Vitals monitoring & recommendations
  • Crawling and indexing analysis
  • Supporting internal content teams


  • Troubleshot website visibility and crawling issues, leading to indexing stability across a vast product portfolio
  • Improved initial indexing rates for new product lines as they launch
  • Increased organic traffic by 95% year-on-year
  • Increased total ranking keywords by 102%, including 284% increase in keywords positions 1 to 3