Brief was brought in to help remove a Google inbound link manual action after numerous failed attempts by multiple SEO agencies. The website was also being heavily impacted by Google’s link algorithms. This was having a devastating impact on the business, as the website lost rankings for traffic driving keywords.

Solution manually reviewed the client’s backlink profile by hand in order to give a true and honest classification of every link. From the backlink audit our team identified a comprehensive list of domains which needed to be placed in the disavow file. The disavow was updated and uploaded to the clients Google Search Console profile.

Once the disavow file was uploaded our team submitted a reconsideration request to Google.


The reconsideration request was removed the first-time round. A short while afterwards, the manual action was removed and both organic search engine rankings and organic traffic began to quickly return.

The client’s website is now one of the best performing in its market.

Rankings Pos. 1-3 MoM


Organic Traffic MoM