In February 2021, was approached by Coralogix, one of the largest Full Stack Observability Platforms in the world. Coralogix asked for help to improve their global organic search performance, as well as the technical hygiene of the site.


In collaboration with Coralogix, created a bespoke content strategy that provided:

  • Extensive Keyword Research to identify growth areas. 
  • Technical Content Briefing.
  • Technical Content Production from Education through to Acquisition.
  • In-depth Funnel Analysis to aid in the creation of TOFU, MOFU, BOFU content. 
  • Existing Content Optimisations. 
  • Competitor Analysis to identify customer pain points. 

The content strategy identified several potential growth areas from an organic perspective. The actions taken resulted a growth of 240% YoY in total Page 1 keyword performance. This growth, specifically in the key positions of 1-3, was 274%. Overall visibility from Positions 1-100 also increased by 180%. consulted on a successful migration away from the Elementor WordPress builder from a technical perspective. There was also guidance on successfully negotiating the two Page Experience updates (June 15th, 2021 & 22nd February 2022).

This has led to a considerable number of URLs being reported as passing CWVs checks and a sitewide increase in page speed, which satisfies both search engines and users extensively.

Alongside this, provided bespoke reporting that caters to the marketing teams' granularity, specifically organic traffic performance, MoM ranking analysis, and conversion tracking. This is supplemented with an executive summary that the marketing team can easily interpret to present at the C – Suite level.


  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Core Web Vitals Audit
  • Technical content planning, briefing, and production
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Bespoke reporting process


  • 240% YoY growth in total Page 1 keyword performance
  • 274% YoY growth in key positions of 1-3