• 2016 Fashion Ecommerce whitepaper

    This report highlights the winners of the sector in 2016, investigating why out of so many, they happened to be the industry leaders. Why this report should be read by anyone involved in online fashion This year has been anything but normal, and the fashion industry has felt the echoes of this on a grand […]

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  • 2017 Waste and online search: a new industry venture

    In this report SALT.agency investigates the waste and recycling industry and how companies can overcome potential stumbling blocks laid in front of it. Why this is a must read Having beaten the struggles of the recession, over the past few years the waste and recycling industry has grown at a steady rate, but there are […]

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  • 2016 Travel Sector Search Marketing Report

    The online travel market is forever changing, are you up to date? There’s no doubt that 2016 has been a tough year for many industries, and none more so than the online travel industry. In this report SALT analyses how it has fared in the past year, and where we think it will go in […]

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  • 2017 Whitepaper – the power of search at Christmas

    In order to gain search advantages over competitors during the Christmas season, plans need to be put into place now. This report discusses the need for industries to prepare for the Christmas period during the summer months, using the luxury hamper and alcohol delivery markets as examples. Why all companies need to read this report […]

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  • 2017 Digital challengers in finance report

    In this report SALT analyses the emergence of challenger banks since 2010, their continued evolution, and where they set to stand in the online market in 2017. Why this is a must read There’s no doubt that finance is one of the hardest markets in the world, and no more so when a newly licenced […]

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