In this report investigates the waste and recycling industry and how companies can overcome potential stumbling blocks laid in front of it.

Why this is a must read

Having beaten the struggles of the recession, over the past few years the waste and recycling industry has grown at a steady rate, but there are clouds on its horizon.

This paper outlines where these clouds lay and what businesses can do now to overcome future challenges using the best strategies within the search industry.

Paper highlights

  • The waste and recycling industry is strong, but it is threatened by unusual and unpredictable political climates.
  • Since the millennium, a number of new sectors within the industry have begun to flourish, although there are some still left untapped in search.
  • Some of the largest waste companies in Europe seem to be neglecting important areas, while others are targeting niche search terms to great reward.
  • Google has changed the way it serves information to users, meaning that tactics implemented as little as 12 months ago may no longer cut the mustard.
  • To get ahead of competitors, SMEs need to utilise a range of organic search tactics to ensure online success in the sector.
Waste & Online Search Whitepaper 2017