The online travel market is forever changing, are you up to date?

There’s no doubt that 2016 has been a tough year for many industries, and none more so than the online travel industry.

In this report SALT analyses how it has fared in the past year, and where we think it will go in 2017.

Why this is a must read

This report outlines a changing travel industry in 2016, where traditional and reliable travel destinations were turned inside out by natural disasters, politics, and terrorism — and reveals just where these factors might push it to in 2017.

Paper highlights

  • European travel has struggled throughout the year, putting strain on the industry in a number of ways and destroying it in some countries altogether.
  • Low-budget airlines have also felt the change, with many predicting profit cuts in 2017.
  • Short haul prices in Eastern Europe are expected to go up by four per cent, and 0.5 per cent in Western Europe.
  • Staycations are to become increasingly popular throughout the year, with 76 per cent of Brits planning to holiday within the UK.
  • The USA is to become an increasingly popular holiday destination as traditional places such as France and Turkey begin to wane.
  • Alternative tourist spots, such as Silicone Valley, are expected to flourish in the USA.
  • Competition for even the most competitive SERP positions are still up for grabs for top holiday search terms as top brands miss key factors in their strategies.
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