This report highlights the winners of the sector in 2016, investigating why out of so many, they happened to be the industry leaders.

Why this report should be read by anyone involved in online fashion

This year has been anything but normal, and the fashion industry has felt the echoes of this on a grand scale. The inability to adjust and paddle against unusual tides has cost the sector millions of pounds. Find out what brands need to do in 2017 to reverse the near universal growth decline.

Paper highlights

  • Market conditions throughout 2016 have worsened for many brands thanks to a multitude of reasons including new spending behaviours and global security threats.
  • Expectations were hit early in the year due to agency growth warnings and poor final quarter performances in 2015 for some areas.
  • Shopping behaviours and marketing techniques have changed alongside the advancement of technology, although some retailers have failed to keep up.
  • There are two major winners in the retail ecommerce sector that have been able to refute expert predictions.
  • Some issues are likely to spill into next year, although many brands can work to reverse sluggish rates of growth.
Fashion Ecommerce 2016