Full Stack Software Engineer, TypeScript / Node / Kotlin

  • Posted June 20, 2022
  • Location Remote
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We are looking for experienced developers to help us drive forward our internal tools, that support our core operations, and our fledgling SaaS product, for business location management, currently in private beta.

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About the role

As a lead full stack developer at SALT.agency, you’ll assist us in coding, designing, testing and driving development of a SaaS product and internal tools. This role will require you to work with technologies spanning majority of development spectrum – backend development, frontend development, DevOps and databases.

Must-Have Qualifications

– Knowledge of CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Git, SQL

– Kotlin/Java experience

– Experience with back-end languages and frameworks such as Kotlin (Ktor/JDBI), Node.js (Fastify)

– Knowledge of PostgreSQL database system.

– System/Cloud infrastructure management experience.

– Experience with Google Cloud and Docker

Nice-to-have Qualifications

– Experience with Svelte/ Tailwind frameworks

– Experience with Golang (Fiber)

– Experience with Flutter (Dart)

– Experience with PHP (WordPress)

– Experience with CI/CD

– Strong multi-tasking abilities

– Basic knowledge of SEO


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