Safeguard your digital self with Personal Shield

Curated for high-profile individuals and public figures, Personal Shield is our cyber security service for people looking to protect their digital lives.

As cyber criminals grow more sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly clearer that well-known individuals are commonly targeted on the internet.

Cyber-attacks take many forms and can come from just about anywhere. From social engineering, phishing, and cyber stalking, it has never been more important to consider robust cyber protection. We can help defend your personal information, as well as that of your family, loved ones, and digital footprints relating to business.

Personal Shield from performs a comprehensive risk assessment across a broad range of threats and vulnerabilities.

Once accomplished we then provide support and solutions to combat possible compromises that could lead to successful cyber security attacks.

Monitoring and security maintenance is then initiated to provide a continued level of protection and peace of mind.

Personal Shield Provides:

  • Individual protection
  • Reputation management
  • Digital footprint sweeps
  • Cyber-attack defence
  • Social platform analysis
  • Digital risk assessment
  • Brand privacy
  • Curated consultations
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