Over the past decade both the courier and haulage industries have changed dramatically.

This report discusses changes in technology, saturation of the industries, and what companies, both large and small, need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Why haulage and courier companies need to read this report

As demand for deliveries and haulage grows, so does the amount of companies willing to perform these services.

With less money being made on every delivery, it is crucial that firms remain on the forefront of search to stay in the game.

Paper highlights

  • With the advancement technology, companies and organisations are looking for new ways to contract courier and haulage companies.
  • Online shopping behaviours have changed, meaning that there is a fierce demand for next day deliveries and quick turnarounds.
  • With greater demand comes a greater industry, and with that, more competition from small firms who can offer flexibility in abundance.
  • Although demand is high, firms are making less money on every delivery, meaning that couriers and haulage companies need exposure to stay ahead of the curve.

This paper shows what technical marketing and organic search can do for those companies looking to stand out.

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